MiMUN-UCJC certificates aim to honour students for their efforts in preparation and research and for their sense of responsibility, work ethic, negotiation skills and in general go to those particularly outstanding delegates.

Two sets of criteria are set for each committee:

  • Best Delegate
  • Best Delegation


In order to choose Best Delegate and Best Delegation, each committee meets and votes on concluding the eleventh session, on the second-to-last day of the event (Wenesday 25 October). Each delegate has one vote, the ballot paper is included in the MiMUM folder. The officers – chairperson or deputy chairperson – must supervise that each delegate casts their vote in the ballot box that the organising committee will have presented previously to the chairperson of each committee.

The Model officers have the right to cast a “Deciding Vote”, meaning that on the conclusion of the eleventh session, on the last day, they will hold Committee or Commission meetings in the General Assembly, to count the votes and, once the count is completed, announce the awarded delegates for each committee under the supervision of the MiMUM Organising Committee.

Once the meeting has been concluded, the event’s organising committee will draw up a list of the chosen delegates and will draw up the corresponding certificates. The results will not be made public until the closing ceremony in which the committee authorities will announce them and present the outstanding delegates with their diplomas.