Could it be? Progress was finally made in the chambers of the Human Rights Council, as finally, the bickering states came together to bring a resolution to fruition.


After a fraught day in which Syria accused USA and UK of duplicity in their dealings, and a frenzied series of sessions in which the topics flitted back and forth between corporate social responsibility, child labour, and the crisis in Qatar, countries decided to put their differences aside and come together as one. It was heartening to see India put aside its distaste over the Bhopal case to work with USA on the matter, when it was US company Union Carbide responsible for the worst industrial accident ever, or for Yemen to work alongside countries like France and Germany, whose arms exports indirectly bring weapons into their territories and arm the radical groups located there. All in all, a great day for progress.


The Qatar crisis was resolved in an expedient and almost clinical manner; when asked about what was being done about the issue, the response received was “nothing… yet”, a puzzling statement, and perhaps a bit callous, but later the US delegation was quick to assure that they had come together with Yemen to present a joint solution wherein the blockade would be lifted and the stranded Qataris saved, and sanctions levied against the Qatari government for their numerous transgressions. One small step for man, one giant leap towards achieving peace in the Middle East.

Naz Mammadova – Press Department


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