Sesión IV

The delegates of the Human Rights Council debate about the education and training topic.

In the debate that took place today, the first session of the Humans Rights Council, the different delegations that spoke analysing the lack of education and training in some parts of the world and the reasons for this.

During the session of today in the morning the representatives who took part were: Angola, China, Spain, Russian Federation, Morocco, India and France.

The representative of Angola marked that the education should be globalized and that without financial support the undeveloped countries can’t increase the ages of the public school.

Meanwhile, the representative of China marked that education it’s itself a human right and also a tool for the rest human rights as it helps kids and old people to be free.

The representative of Spain marked that education should be for all people because it brings peace and democratic power. In addition they believe in the renovation of the human rights and it’s translation to local languages to make it more reachable to everybody.

The representative of the Russian Federation highlighted that basic education and knowledge should be thought in all parts of the world with the human rights. These would be a solution for lots of problems like racism, war…

The representative of Morocco mentioned that human right education gives people believes and values that help them on their lives.

The representative of India defended that education is something basic every single person should have.

The representative of France proposed solutions through NGOs with human rights education and training. Especially they insisted to let the people know their rights and how to defend it.

So in conclusion, they haven’t been able to reach an agreement in the first session.



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